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Summary completed  by Allan Smeal (Sorry its functional rather than fancy, once we have a clear plan i will create a fundraising page for members)

Sent to Paul Lawson, Dave Watson & George Jamieson

​Please add your comments, suggestions and i will update, any quotes - please send to me so they can be loaded onto the site.

Stage 1 - Main Lounge & Marlborough Suite
Stage 2 - Bar & Entrance Hall
Stage 3 - Changing Rooms
Stage 4 - Deepdene Trail Entrance

Dorking Golf Club, 6:35 pm, Wednesday 11th May 2016

Knight Brothers - Dorking based carpet suppliers are going to quote, i will include the Marlborough Suite

Dorking Golf Club, 4:45 pm, Friday 6th May 2016

I have a 3D drawing due next week from a furniture company with a quote and layout

Dorking Golf Club, 4:42 pm, Friday 6th May 2016

Shop Kit are working on a drawing and quote for the back bar

Stage 1 Main Lounge & Marlborough Suite       
Floor Plan Download Here

Plasterboard, Skim CeilingGary Plastering
Room Contracts
Room Contracts 1
M J Pogson



Glass Door Partition Quote

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Stage 2 Bar & Entrance Hall

Back Bar

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