Dorking Golf Club

Lifestyle Membership - Limited Availability. 

A computer based points system designed to make golf cost effective to suit today’s time driven society

This is an ideal Membership package for those who would like to enjoy the following:

  • Full social membership privileges - 12.5% discount on drinks / 10% discount on food
  • Wish to start playing golf but are unsure whether the game is for you or not
  • Enjoy the game but cannot play often enough to justify the cost of full Membership
  • Play 7 days a week.
  • Lifestyle members are entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings.
  • Golfers who prefer the flexibility of playing golf at any time of day but cannot justify a Full Membership

Buy points when you can afford them and use them to suit your lifestyle

Ultimate Value For Money

  • Lifestyle Membership has been specifically created for the casual or occasional golfer
  • It provides all the benefits of belonging to a traditional club with a modern style of membership at a reasonable cost.
  • Official CONGU handicap available and entry to Club & Fun Competitions, excluding Cup Competitions and Club Matches.
  • Unused golf points can be carried forward to the following year upon renewal of annual membership
  • Upgrade to Traditional membership is available for the more frequent players
  • A 12.5% discount is applied on drinks and 10% on food purchases when using your swipe card


Weekly competitions
Extensive social calendar
Regular roll ups, your chance to meet other members
Family friendly club
Discount food & drinks
Access to short game practice area
Clubhouse available for private parties

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the points system work?
Points are loaded onto your membership card. Each time you play you must have your card swiped and the appropriate number of points deducted at the Bar.

How do I top up my points?
Top up points may be purchased at any time from the Bar; you can decide how many points to buy according to how many times you wish to play in multiples of 50, minimum purchase £50.

How do I know how many points I have left?
Each time you play you will be able to see how many points you have left.

Are points transferrable? 
No, points cannot be transferred to other members.

What is not included with Lifestyle Membership ? 
Cannot represent the club in official matches against other clubs and cannot play in selected competitions,  other than that there are no restrictions. Lifestyle members playing in competitions will need to redeem the appropriate points before the start.

Am I allowed to bring guests ? 
You are allowed to bring guests as often as you like provided that there are no more than 3 playing guests per member at any one time. Group bookings/ Societies can be made by contacting the Club Manager.

Can I play in Club competitions ? 
Yes, with the exception of Cup Competitions and matches against other clubs, provided that you have a recognised CONGU handicap and that you pay the relevant competition entry fee and that you redeem the appropriate points at the time of play.

If I don’t already have a CONGU handicap, how can I get one ? 
You must play three complete rounds with another full member(s) who must sign your cards – the club handicap secretary will then assess your scores and issue you with a CONGU handicap.

If I do not renew, what happens to any points remaining on my card ? 
Unfortunately, you will lose these points. Points balances are not transferable to other members nor do they hold any cash value upon expiry.

Can I use my points for Food & Drink at The Golf Club ? 
No – you will be issued with a Bar Levy Card and will be required to top it up with a minimum of £50 per year to pay for Food & Drinks in the club house. 

What if I forget to deposit my points before playing ? 
Points  MUST be deposited before you tee-off. Members found on the course without having done so will have their membership suspended for 1 month and revoked if the offence is repeated. – The Club Manager and Marshals will inspect bag tags at random times.

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