Dorking Golf Club

Golf Tips

1. Avoid Slow Play
On any golf course it is important to avoid holding up the flow of the course by slow play. This doesn't mean you have to rush your shots or race around the course but here are some tips to help :-
1. Always try to keep up with the game ahead of you. Don't take your shots whilst they are still in range but instead you should at least be aiming to be on the tee as the group in front is on the next tee.
2. As you are walking up to your ball, think about your next shot and what club you might take. Don't start thinking about it only when you get to your ball.
3. Be ready to take your shot as soon as it is your turn.
4. Avoid standing on the green filling out your scorecard or discussing the hole. Clear the green promptly so that the following game can play onto the green.
5. Don't all search for the same lost ball if you may also need to look for one of the others. Split yourselves up to look for both balls at the same time.
6. If the group behind you are quicker, you may consider allowing them to play through and then slot in behind them. This is especially relevant when looking for a lost ball.
7. The 8th hole is a call-up hole. Once you are all on the green and if you have not yet started putting and the following group are waiting on the 8th tee; leave the flag in, stand away from the green and wave them over. Once they have tee'd off you can then putt out and finish the hole.
8. Avoid leaving your trolley or bag in front of the greens - this will hold up the group behind. E.g. On 2nd hole, either take your bag with you or leave the bag at the bottom of the slope on the far left. On the 8th hole leave bags under the tree on the left or to the side of the green when calling up the group behind.
9. If you are on a green and have started putting, you can elect to continue putting out - even if you are not the furthest from the hole. 
10. If you are just practicing (i.e. not submitting your card for a stroke play competition or to get your handicap), and you have already played lots of strokes on a hole you may decide to pick up your ball and continue to the next tee. 

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