Dorking Golf Club

Buddy Scheme

When you join a golf club, it can sometimes be daunting to get to know other members and understand how the club works.

As a member of Dorking Golf Club, in addition to joining a club with a great mix of social and golfing opportunities and an enviable heritage, we will help you to make the most of your membership right from the start with our Buddy Scheme. 

At Dorking Golf Club we have designated members who are happy to “buddy up” with you and help you through the first few months of your membership

 Your Buddy will Help You

•  Meet other members of the club

•  Understand the club procedures

•  Introduce you to the staff, captains and committee members

•  Play with you in order for you to get to know the course and understand the local rules.

•  Gain your handicap by signing your cards

•  Assist you in competitions, initially

•  Introduce you to the various “roll up “ groups and social events

•  With what to look at on the Club website

•  Introduce you to the diary, calendar and signing in procedures

•  Let you know about the County Card and Association of James Braid Courses

If you would like to take part in the buddy scheme ask Allan, our professional, or any of the captains of the various sections of the club - Elders, Ladies, Mens section. They will then assign you a suitable buddy to assist you in getting the most out of your membership. 

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