Dorking Golf Club

Completing a Scorecard

When starting a round of golf, either the competition organiser will already have filled in, or you will fill in the top section of a scorecard with the following details :-

  • Name of Competition

  • Date

  • Time (not always necessary)

  • Players Name (in Player A)

  • Handicap (this may have a decimal place after it e.g. 22.4)

  • Strokes Received (handicap rounded up or down to the nearest whole number)

You then swap cards with one of your playing partners and they will “mark” your card and you will “mark” their scorecard. It is advisable to also keep a record of your own score – use the “Marker’s Score” column. The following information is available in PDF format DOWNLOAD

If you are unsure as to how to mark a Stableford Card, do not worry. Your only obligation is to record your gross score. The competition organiser (or the electronic touch screen in the hallway) will calculate and fill in the number of Stableford points.

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