Dorking Golf Club

Getting Started and Tips

Golf can be a difficult game when you first start. There are a lot of rules to understand, etiquette to be observed, different types of scoring and competitions, completing a scorecard as well as trying to master the physical aspects of the golf swing and actually hitting the ball. 

Here, you will find some helpful hints and tips which will be added on a regular basis. 

Take a look at the Golden Rules and the Tips section, book a lesson with Allan, our professional and then get out on the course and start to understand the satisfaction which comes when you first hit a good shot (or two) on the course.

Look out for the emails about the regular roll-up sessions which cater for all abilities. They are suitable for beginners, people returning to golf, new members and established members of the club. Take a look at the buddy scheme and see if this would be of interest. Also look out for the social events.

Dorking is a friendly club and you will enjoy it most when you start to join in and play a few holes with other members.

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