Dorking Golf Club

Club Competition Rules DGC

Times on the starting sheet are reserved for Members playing in the competition

Members failing to turn up for reserved tee time will not be eligible to enter their names on a competition sheet for the next three competitions. They may, however, play in a competition after the last time on the sheet.

Members unable to play in a start sheet event or drawn competition must find a substitute player if they withdraw from the competition with less than 3 days notice.

The Club has a three Qualifying Rule. Only Members who have played three qualifying rounds (at Dorking or  another National Golf Union affiliated club in the previous twelve months may enter a club Knockout or Cup Competition.

Competition play will commence from 8am, any players teeing off before 8am may be disqualified as the final course set-up may not be complete.

Members are responsible for knowing the conditions which they have entered any competition and for playing off their correct handicap.

Spoon, Friday Thrash and Winter Warmer competitions are to be played in 2 or 3 ball formats.The Committee allows an exception to this rule if the last remaining players of the day are able to form a group of four and will not delay play by gaining permission before the commencement of play from the Club Captain, Professional or the Competition Organiser.

All players must register before commencing their game, No entries will be accepted after you have completed your round. Failure to pay the entry fee will result in the fee being deducted from your Bar Account and your will be disqualified from the Competition. If payment is not received on three occasions a suspension from Competitions will apply.

The Captain’s decision in all disputes will be final.


Time of Starting

All players are reminded that they must arrive on the tee and be ready to play at their allotted starting time. If a player arrives at his starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, in the absence of circumstances that warrant waiving the penalty of disqualification provided in Rule 33-7. Penalty is loss of the first hole in match play, or two strokes in stroke play. Penalty for lateness beyond five minutes is disqualification.

1st / 10th Hole Call Through
When reaching the 1st green, players are encouraged to allow those on the 1st / 10th tee to drive, this should help to reduce congestion.

Responsibility to arrange Matches in Knockout Competitions
Every attempt should be made to agree a mutually convenient date. Each party must offer 3 dates, at least 2 of which must be on a weekend. All match play competitions must be completed by the date stated. The Competitions Secretary may grant an extension of not more than one week in exceptional circumstances only. An extension must be sought and granted before the due date. Failure to play the match before the due date or by the agreed extension will result in both parties being eliminated from the competition.

A Members current Club Handicap will be used at all stages of any competition with the exception that a Members handicap cannot be altered between two rounds of the same stroke play competition.

Golf Buggies / Motorised Vehicles
Please visit our dedicated Buggy Information Section

Rule 33-6 empowers the Committee to determine how and when a halved match or a stroke play shall be decided.

Match Play
A match which ends in all square should be played-off hole by hole until one side wins a hole. The play-off should start on the hole where the match began. In a handicap match, handicap strokes should be allowed as in the prescribed round.

Stroke Play
The 36 Hole Club Championship will be decided by a sudden death play-off on holes 9 and 18, playing those holes alternatively until a winner is declared.

In all other scratch or handicap stroke play competition matching cards will be the preferred method for determining a winner on the basis of the best score for the last nine holes. If the tying players have the same score for the last nine holes, the winner will be determined on the basis of the best score for the last six holes, last three holes and finally the 18th hole. When using this method in a handicap stroke play competition, one half, one third, one sixth etc. of the handicaps, including fractions, should be deducted. In a competition with a multiple tee start the last nine holes, last six holes etc will be considered to be holes 10-18, 13-18 etc. In the event that a winner still cannot be declared then the same procedure will be applied to the first nine holes.


Clapham Cup

18 holes match play knockout. Final over 18 holes. Max handicap 18. Allowance full difference.

Pollitt Cup

18 holes match play knockout. Final over 18 holes. Handicap 19 - 36. Allowance full difference.

Philipe Cup- (Pairs Competition)

18 holes better ball match play knockout. Final over 18 holes. Max handicap 18. Allowance 90% difference.

Tiger Trophy

18 holes stroke play. Leading 8 qualify for 18 holes match play knockout off scratch. Final over 18 holes.

Autumn Tankards- (Pairs Competition)

18 holes foursomes? match play knockout. Final over 18 holes. Max handicap 18 Allowance ½ difference

Club Championship

36 holes stroke play. Max handicap scratch.

Coronation Cup

36 holes stroke play. Max handicap 28.

Ellis Cup

18 holes stroke play.  Max handicap 16

Junior Cup

18 holes stroke play. Handicap 17 - 28

Jubilee Bowl

18 holes stroke play. Max handicap 18.

Morrison Bowl

18 holes better ball stroke play. Max handicap 28. Allowance ¾.

Spring Meeting

18 holes Stableford. Max handicap 28.

The George Martin Veteran's Trophy

18 holes Stableford. Max handicap 28.

Open to age 50 and over.

John Tolley Cup

18 holes stroke play. Max handicap 28.

Phil Crabtree Memorial Shield

18 holes Stableford. Max handicap 28.

Friday Thrash Shield

Best total of 6 scores from individual Friday Thrash

Autumn Meeting

27 holes foursomes Stableford. Max handicap 18. Allowance ½ combined.

Silver Jubilee Cup

18 holes GREENSOMES Stableford. Any pairings. Max handicap 28 men 36 ladies.  Allowance 3/8 combined.

Soap Dish

18 holes Stableford. Max handicap 28 men 36 ladies

Gan Centenary Trophy

18 holes Stableford. Max handicap 28 men 36 ladies

Davern Trophy

18 holes better ball Stableford. Any pairings – one must be DGC member. Max handicap 28 men, 36 ladies. Allowance full hcap.

Canada Dry- (Pairs Competition)

18 holes foursomes? match play knockout. Mixed pairings (no husband & wife). Final over 18 holes. Max combined h?cap 54.Allowance ½ difference

Mixed Family Foursomes

18 holes foursomes? stableford. Mixed family pairings, one must be DGC member. Max combined h?cap 54. Allowance ½  combined

Paul Rzepka Putter

18 holes Stableford. Allowance full h?cap

J A Irvine Edwards Trophy

18 holes GREENSOMES Stableford. Mixed pairings – one must be DGC member, the other a guest (with hcap cert) Max combined hcap 54.

Allowance 3/8 combined.

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