Dorking Golf Club

Lady Section Rules


Handicap Limit

Acorn Trophy         

Best Stableford score Wed & Weekend  competitions 1 Oct – 30 Sep 


Alison May Trophy

Strokeplay for Grandmothers


Birdie Trophy

Wed & Weekend competitions

1 December to 30 November

All Handicaps


Winter Foursomes Eclectic

6 cards (See Note 5 below)

All handicaps

(1/4 combined)

Centenary Trophy 

Strokeplay Wed EWGA medal


Chris Greatbatch

9 holes NQ Stableford

All Handicaps

Charity Cup 

Wed & Weekend Stableford

All Handicaps

Eclectic Cups

Summer & Winter competitions

Cards over minimum 9 holes

Separate prizes for 43-54 handicaps

42 for Cups

+ Prizes 43-54

Gardner Cup   

Strokeplay for non-Grandmothers


Gilbert Trophy 

Summer matchplay knockout


Griffin Cup

Strokeplay Wed EWGA medal


Jean Pianca Salver

Summer matchplay knockout


John Tolley Trophy 

Stableford (Wed & Weekend) 


Ladies Cup

Aggregate net Spring & Autumn meetings EWGA medals


Lady Captain’s Prize Cup

Wed Stableford

All Handicaps

Maureen Paul Trophy 

Best Scratch score Wed & Weekend competitions 1 Dec to 30 Nov

All Handicaps

Mavis Bellringer Cup

Most improved player

All Handicaps

Munn Trophy

Best Stableford score Wed & Weekend  competitions 1 Oct – 30 Sep


Morath Cup

Winter matchplay knockout


Nan’s Trophy 

Wed & Weekend Stableford 


Oak Tree Trophy

Wed 4BBB Stableford drawn high & low handicap pairs

All Handicaps

Par Trophy

Wed & Weekend Bogey


Pearson Merit Trophy

 Pearson team player with most wins (or points)

All Handicaps

Phil Hughes brooch

Nominated by Ladies Committee


Pip’s Trophy 

Wed & Weekend Stableford


Putting Trophies     

Best putting score Spring & Autumn meetings


Riddiford Bowl 

 Wed Strokeplay 


Sara Brown Scratch Trophy

Best scratch score at Spring & Autumn meetings

All Handicaps

Saturday Cup & Plate

Weekend Ladies stableford


Stars & Stripes  

Drawn Greensomes matchplay
Knockout.  3/8 combined difference

All Handicaps

Tiger Trophy

Wed & Weekend NQ stableford from Men’s tees


Note 1

In the event of a tie the winner shall be decided on the last 9, 6, 3 or 1 holes.

In strokeplay, ½ handicap will be allowed on last 9, 1/3 handicap on last 6, 1/6 handicap on last 3 and 1/8 handicap on last 1.  Handicap is not taken into account for any Putting prize.

Note 2

Matchplay Competitions.  Top name on the draw shall offer choice of 3 dates to opponent.  If no arrangement made after half the qualifying time it becomes the responsibility of the other player to fix a date.  In the event of no date being acceptable then the player available on the last day of that round shall be entitled to a walkover.  Any deviation from above shall be brought to the notice of Lady Captain and she will mediate.  In the event of a match being undecided after 18 holes the match shall continue until one side wins the hole.  Strokes shall be taken at the appropriate holes.

Note 3

All play and competitions shall start from the 1st tee (or 10th if playing back nine) unless otherwise decreed.

Note 4

Summer Eclectic competition scores on temporary greens are NOT permitted. 

Winter Eclectic competition scores (including Candlesticks) on temporary greens ARE permitted.

Note 5

First Candlesticks card may be played over 9 or 18 holes.  Once 18 holes completed subsequent cards must be played over a minimum of 9 holes (but not necessary to hole out on 9 holes).  A maximum of 6 cards can be submitted (playing 9 holes only counts as 1 of the 6 cards).

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