Dorking Golf Club

Code of Practice DGC

For Players using:
The Golf Course, The practice facilities - Putting Green, Practice Nets, Chipping Green

Golfers are made aware of any specific dangers on the course by notices and warning signs. These normally occur in the following places – rights of way, footpaths, roads and teeing grounds, along with the scorecard.

Prior to playing a stroke or making a practice swing, the player should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball or any stones, twigs or the like which may be moved by the stroke or swing.
Never play a shot if the match ahead is still in range.
If an errant shot is played you must shout FORE as loud as possible if the ball is heading in the direction of other players.
Be aware of your surroundings and other players on the course.
Always give way to Greens Staff carrying out their duties on the course. Wait for them to acknowledge your presence before playing in their direction.

Practice Facilities
The Club’s dress code applies when using the practice facilities.

Practice Net
Shots into the net must be played from the mat provided and not from any other area.

Pitching Area

Players may practice pitching and chipping to either of the bottom two levels on the practice facility
Balls must be hit from the mat provided or in the semi rough cut around the green
It is the responsibility of all who use this area to respect the priorities of use and the safety of others.
Players should be aware at all times of the safety of people on the patio in regard to shots hit too hard and golfers playing the 9th/18th – listen for the shot of ‘Fore’.

Pitching area by 1st hole
Pitching is permitted around the Green, please give priority to players playing the 1st/10th Holes, all balls must be collected.

Putting Green
The putting green at the top of the practice facility is for putting only. Chipping to this green is strictly prohibited.

Playing the Golf Course
All golfers must ensure they diligently observe all signs displayed on the course. Particular care needs to be taken in the following areas:

Bunkers, Hollows, Slopes, Steps
To avoid slips and falls, players are expected to enter bunkers and hollows at the points of least gradient. They are expected to negotiate slopes at the area in minimal gradient or to negotiate the slopes in such a way as to minimise the risk of slips/falls. Players are expected to observe common sense when using steps, i.e. to avoid running/climbing more than one step at a time. The club has provided hand rails where necessary and would advise players to use these when using the steps.

Pond & Ditch on 3rd/5th/7th
Players should take care when searching for a ball on the steep slope leading down to the water. Players are advised to leave their bags on the flat area of the course outside the Yellow/Red stakes.

Hazardous Conditions
Players should be aware of RULE 6-8 OF THE RULES OF GOLF as indicated by the relevant extraction shown below and are reminded that it is their responsibility and obligation to adhere to the rules at all times.

6-8, Discontinuance of play: Resumption of Play

Competitions and Matches
The competition or match organisers have the power to prevent play or the start of play under circumstances of poor visibility or when lightning abounds. When a fixture has started and when lightning exists, play will be suspended by the sounding of three long blasts from the fog horn. On hearing this, players MUST suspend play and leave the course to take shelter in the clubhouse or the wooden shelter by the 4th green. However, players are reminded that they may suspend play on their own authority where there is a danger from lightning even though the foghorn warning has not been sounded.

Play can be resumed on the sounding of two long blasts from the fog horn.

Golf Buggies / Motorised Vehicles
Buggies must be left at the Bottom of the slope on the 2nd and must be kept on the path on the 7th and not taken to the Green. The Buggy has been restricted to Members only and players with good knowledge of the course due to the severity of the slopes. During periods of severe weather the use of buggies will be restricted; this information will be published on the course information board outside the clubhouse. The use of buggies is for convenience and comfort, please consider other golfers and maintain a suitable pace of play. Any player wishing to use a Buggy in a Competitions or Match must register a valid medical certificate with the Main Office. Players are reminded that any passenger in the Buggy must also have registered a medical certificate. Buggies are NOT allowed in the Club Championship as this is a 36 Hole 1 day event.

Golfers should note that everyone has a responsibility for their own safety. As a player therefore you have a responsibility to report any dangerous occurrences or accidents you are aware of so that these are included on the ongoing risk assessment process. Similarly members have a responsibility to make the Club Manager aware of any medical conditions which may affect their abilities in this sport.

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